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Roots Photography Workshop |A Photojournalist’s Unforgettable Journey

On a chilly New England afternoon at the start of May, I made the drive up to Stockton Springs, ME to begin a week-longView full post »

Getting to No | A Photographer’s Journey to Finding Peace as a Mother

Image © Angelina Rose Photography When you take on a new identity as mom, you’re perpetually working your way through aView full post »

Boston Maternity Imaging: A Photographer’s Perspective at 40 Weeks

A few weeks ago I woke up in a panic at 3AM.  My photography season was winding down in preparation for my due dateView full post »

Iceland in Photographs | My Journey Through Fire and Ice

“Welcome to Iceland.”  That’s what eyes of the beautiful and rare Icelandic ponies speak to you uponView full post »

NH Ice Castle Photography | What Lies Beyond the Wall

What do people from Boston do in the middle of the coldest, most brutal winter of all time?  We head North!  Crazy asView full post »

Daring to be Better | Karen Kelly Photography

Too often, we become comfortable. Comfortable in our homes, in our relationships, and certainly in our work. As aView full post »

An Industry Thank You | A Gratitude Blog

Every year on my birthday I get nostalgic and pensive.  I’m always so busy living my life, that I neverView full post »

Welcome to Mosby Mondays | Karen Kelly Photography

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Mosby Mondays.  I figured it would be fun to start updating theView full post »

2014 – That’s a Lovely Wrap | Karen Kelly Photography

I can’t believe it, but here but it is.  2015 is creeping over the horizon at us and another year of life, love,View full post »