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Two Dads Become Parents to Newborn Twins

Watching two people step into parenthood is always a beautiful moment, but witnessing two dads tackle life with twoView full post »

How Photographs Can Make Your Kids Feel Extraordinary

One sunny morning in May, I sat with Jennie over coffee to learn about  the many layers of the people she loves most.View full post »

From Dingy Garage to Luxurious Studio, the Wayland Gallery is Open!

The first time I saw this space, I mean REALLY saw it, I was shivering.  It was below the freezing mark in DecemberView full post »

How One Hard-Working Family Reconnects Through Photography

Do you feel busy?  A lot?  I do too.  So do the Mays.  Erin and Collin pour their heart into helping patients all day,View full post »

Telling Your Family Story: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

“Blake is completely dedicated to his family.  Even one night away is really hard for him.”  That’sView full post »

My Return to Maine | A Photojournalist’s Unforgettable Journey Continues

“Most folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” -Abraham Lincoln As I embarkedView full post »

Hingham Family Photographer | Party of Five

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of photographing a family in Hingham that I have been connected to for years.View full post »

KKP Mom Appreciation Day 2017 | The First of It’s Kind

At the start of 2017, I set my sights on finding a way to thank the clients who have entrusted me with documentingView full post »

An Orchard to Ourselves | Boston Family Photographer

Have you ever visited an orchard…in the spring?!  This was an idea I would never have thought of if Suzie (mom!)View full post »