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Every year I sit down to reflect on KKP’s accomplishments and learnings, much of which could only be gained with the help of other industry professionals.  Whether it’s technical help, tough love, new opportunities, or simply inspirational behavior, there are so many industry professionals that help me to continually craft a more insightful service for my incredible KKP Lifers.  Here’s the list of the biggest thank you’s I have to give in 2017:

Lisa Segal – You are my little magician.  Thank you for always being ready, willing and able to help me with any curveball I throw your way. Your positive attitude, creativity, and general wonderfulness are essential to making KKP go round.

Paul Morse – Thank you for guiding me technically and emotionally through my documentary pursuits in Maine.  Your input is irreplaceable and your feedback spurs more growth than you know.  Thank you for supporting my efforts to be the best photojournalist I can be.

Masao Okano – For being by my side for so much of my 2017 season, and always being the ying to my yang on the photo playing field.  Your work is nothing short of inspiring, and I appreciate you helping me take a more critical look at mine.  Looking forward to the new opportunities we’re cooking up in 2018 and beyond!

Spencer Lum – You have been an educator and an inspiration in so many ways.  Your emails continue to be the only mass mailing I will open, and they never disappoint. Thank you for pushing so many in the photography industry to just BE BETTER – our clients reap the reward of your research, knowledge and good will.

Nicole Chan – I am so thankful for your friendship and your honesty.  You push me to grow in ways that are sometimes uncomfortable, and so much of this growth is going to manifest in 2018. Thank you also for the beautiful day in the life session you did for my family last spring.  We love looking at those photographs on our wall every day!

Erica Ewing –  Thank you for partnering with me to help raise the level of service in the photography industry.  Our clients deserve the best and I love that you agree with me! You are always a great voice of experience and reason, and I’m looking forward to another incredible workshop together in 2018.

Doug Levy – Thank you for being such an amazing resource to the entire community on pricing, customer service, and the technicalities of being a card carrying Nikon user.  I appreciate you pushing me to take on work that would typically have been a  “no.” I really enjoy sharing next level education with you and watching you climb the commercial ladder.  It will be good to say I knew you when.

Karen Lane and Katie Harris and Nicole Chan – Thank you for being part the Documentary Group, designed to push us all towards being better photojournalists.  It’s hard to carve out time for personal work but when I do it with a commitment to others, I’m so much more motivated.  Thank you!

Alisha Harris and Stephen Whiting – Thank you for helping me through some of the busiest months at KKP.  I would never have been able to get it all done without you in 2017.

Caroline Talbot – Thank you for creating a wonderful experience and even more incredible set of portraits of me last winter.  Those photographs capture the culmination of my commitment to bring my body back to health after recovering from injuries and childbirth, and I feel so proud when I look at them. THANK YOU.

Seshu and the CTPPA – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help other photographers grow to their full potential.  I love giving back to the community that has helped me rise to where I am.  Looking forward to January’s workshop!

Andrew Funderburg – For making the most cutting edge, kick ass album and wall design software known to man, thank you!  You have enabled me to help countless clients bring their family history to life.  You are impacting more humans than you know.  Thank you!

Jamie Ivins – For always being positive, supportive, and generally amazing to the community at large.  I love you, man!

Leah Haydock – I am so glad we had the opportunity to become close friends this year.  You have brought fresh perspective to my life in ways you probably don’t even realize, and I am so excited for where life is taking you in the next few years.  Let’s keep supporting each other through this beautiful mess called life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to wave goodbye to 2017, and grab 2018 by the horns 🙂  Let’s get after it, friends!


Karen is an award-winning photographer specializing in documenting and preserving family history.  You can see more of her work online at www.kkpforlife.com, on Instagram or on Facebook.  If you’d like to contact her directly, you can find her at karen@kkpforlife.com.

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