The Power of Simplicity | A South End Family Story

One of the best parts of my job is bearing witness to the little day to day routines that make family life special at home.  These are the spaces where we come together to experience each other through teaching, playing, eating laughing and loving (with an occasional time out).  When I sit down with clients to plan their session, there’s often (understandable) apprehension:  “What about the dust bunnies in the living room and laundry that’s been sitting out all week!?”  It’s easy to feel like preparing to photograph at home feels like a project in and of itself.  But what I tell each of these moms is that absolutely none of that will be evident in the photographs.  What WILL be evident is the comfort everyone feels amongst their favorite things (not to mention people) in the world.

This winter family session has a special place in my heart.  As the snowflakes began to fall outside, I remembered that the first time I met that beautiful mommy she was 12 years old.  Now she’s the mother of two, an Olympic homemaker, and a woman who believes in the value of creating a visual legacy for her beautiful tots.  There’s more intimate moments in here than I can count, but you’ll see it all unfold as they come together as we move from naptime, to cookie time, to bathtime.  It’s powerful in its honest simplicity.  Enjoy friends.


Karen is an award-winning, Boston-based photographer specializing in documenting and preserving family history.  You can see more of her work online at, on Instagram or on Facebook.  If you’d like to contact her directly, you can find her at

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  • January 27, 2017 - 2:57 am

    Lewis Katz - Karen,
    You are # 1. Many thanks for taking superb photos of T&S&Parents

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