Waking Up to 1 Year | A Story of Connection

Last month I got one of my favorite photography requests to date: can you come wake up with our baby boy on his first birthday?  OF COURSE and CAN WE DO IT EVERY YEAR? was my immediate response.  But let me back up a minute.  When I got the inquiry from Anna through instagram, I could tell right away we were a great fit.  She talked about my story-telling imagery and wanting to create something that will always be meaningful for her family.  We got on the phone and it was kind of like we were long lost friends.  We’re both entrepreneur moms, with boys almost the same age.  Our grandparents are even from the same part of Greece – Thessaloniki.  All the pieces just fit together, and when we hung up the phone an hour later, I was giddy with connection.  That’s what I seek most in this job, connection.  For myself with my clients, but mostly for my clients together.  And then to give them a record of those connections.

One month later, I showed up at Anna’s house at 5:45 AM to capture Zachary’s first moments on his first birthday.  We crept into his room, and captured his sweet wake up smile, his first meal, a trip into mom’s salon (oh you’re going to want to see this) and endless love from his parents.  Before I became a mom myself, I don’t think I could have understood the love that comes with your first child.  But I looked at Anna and Mark, and knew exactly what they were feeling.  Zachary is their most precious thing, their best thing, the thing that matters most in this world.

This session is one of my favorites of 2016, so take a peek at their morning story.  Mom and dad’s expression and enthusiasm are sure to brighten your day.



Karen is a Boston-based photographer specializing in documenting and preserving family history.  You can see more of her work online at www.kkpforlife.com, on Instagram or on Facebook.  If you’d like to contact her directly, you can find her at karen@kkpforlife.com.

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