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Kelly and Mike got married on a rainy, 57 degree October day at the Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, RI.  They met nearby at the University of Rhode Island and lived in what sounds like some of the most amazing Greek houses ever built – on the beach, of course.  They met in poetry class (really), and eventually realized that they lived across the street from each other.  Chances of that were pretty slim in a school of 16,000 students.  So it was only fitting that they wrote their own vows and professed them back where it all began, despite currently being Massachusetts residents.  Some brides would have been pretty bummed to have rain at their beach wedding, but Kelly never even brought it up.  When there’s so much meaning in what you’re doing, why would the weather matter?

I have been incredibly lucky to follow Kelly and Mike’s journey over the last year, and I have no doubt that our journey together has just begun.  They both have such incredibly positive outlooks on life with a grounded perspective that few achieve in their 20’s.  Despite it being their wedding day, they remembered that it was also my wedding anniversary and the Monday following the wedding there were flowers at my door.  Talk about incredible people.  As you can see from their photographs, there was was no dampening of emotions or spirits on their day, despite what was happening outside.  When they came to my office for their image reveal, we made plans to eat some of their oreo-filled wedding cake on their one year anniversary.  I’m going to hold them to it.
Mike Main + Kelly Court-1928

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